Dating Don’ts: Learning from Mistakes

We’ve all been there. We go out with someone who we think is absolutely perfect, and they’re super sexy to boot! Then we do or say something that makes us want to crawl under a rock and slowly rot in our regrets. We call these “dating don’ts”, and they’re the things we do that can destroy any potential relationship.

If you haven’t yet experienced this, you’re in luck! Here we’ll identify the worst of the worst, so you’ll know exactly what to avoid next time you’re out on a date. Learning from the mistakes of others is the same reason we study history in school – so that we don’t repeat the mistakes made by those who came before us. Read on and don’t let someone else’s mistake ruin your chances again!

Let’s start with one of the worst offenses…

Do NOT have sex on the first date!

If you honestly are looking for more than a one-night stand, having sex on the first date is the best way to kill any glimmer of hope, you might have had, that your single life was officially over. Why, might you ask? “If someone wants to have sex on the first date, they must really be into me”, you might be thinking. Unfortunately, by putting out on the first date, you give a man nothing to work for. He’s no longer got that ultimate goal (i.e. sex) in mind, and therefore probably doesn’t see why continuing to see you is going to lead to anything. By waiting to have sex, you give them a reason to keep seeing you, and hopefully they’ll see that there’s more to you, than your hot exterior.

Do NOT talk about your ex!

It might be hard, especially if you’re fresh out of a serious relationship. But you have to avoid involving your ex in your conversations at any cost, it is the most prudent of actions on any first date. By talking about your ex, you are revealing to your date that you’re obviously not over them. Show both your date and yourself you’re totally over your ex!

Do NOT pretend you’re someone else

What do I mean? Be yourself. If you lie, you’ll get caught in it eventually. Lies are a horrible way to start off any relationship so keep true to yourself. Be open and honest, but not too honest, either. Keep them guessing and wanting to know more. If you tell everything right off the bat, there’s no longer that sexy sense of mystery.

Do NOT dress too scantily

Showing a little cleavage is acceptable, but dressing like an exotic dancer will most likely scare off any respectable man. Sure, you might think that the sexier you are, the more likely you are to hook him, but most men will honestly tell you that slutty dress doesn’t make for a hot date. It makes for a slutty date. Keep yourself appropriately covered!

Though I’m sure there are thousands of other dating don’ts out there, these are the big ones. Avoid these and you’ll find yourself cruising on to date two! At least, I would certainly hope so! If you do mess up and fall victim to a dating don’t, do not despair! It happens to the best of us. Pick yourself up and keep on trying. Just try not to repeat the same mistake again!

Separated Beds Does Not Mean Seperated People

More and more couples are changing the design of the marriage bed. As a matter of fact, the marriage bed has turned into two separate ones. Married people sleeping on separate beds isn’t a completely foreign concept, but there is certainly a stigma regarding the idea. The common reasons for bedtime separation (sex, children, old age) still exist, but this is not a tell-tale sign of relationship problems.

Most people would think that a married couple who sleep on separate beds, must be facing some problems in the marriage. When you enter a serious relationship, sleeping in the same bed is a new and special thing. After a while of being married, living together, and sleeping in the same bed, things start to change.

Think about it. If you are newly married and one day you spouse says, “Hunny, I want my own bedroom.” Wouldn’t you have questions? That might be alright after 30 years of stealing covers from each other, but just doesn’t seem right after six months.

People of old age often can’t get the rest they need, with their partner. Snoring, tossing and turning, and getting out of bed in the middle of the night, can really disturb a light sleeper. When the kids are grown up and have moved out, there is suddenly new space to get some rest, peace and quietness. It doesn’t imply that they aren’t in love any more.

These days, couples are splitting up at nighttime, much sooner in the marriage. The first reason that most people automatically think of is sex problems. One partner may be in the mood a little too often. For some people, sleeping is very important, and for others, sex is more important. If that issue doesn’t get resolved, separate beds end up being a solution.

In the popular view, if it’s not sex, it’s the child. After the baby is born, many couples separate at night so the father can get some sleep. The mother has to get up, breast feed and change the baby. Having a difficult child, especially around the age of two, can also deter a couple from sharing the bed. A poorly behaved child, can discourage parents from touching one another for the fear of producing another one. Birth control aside, a screaming brat can totally kill the mood.

The most modern reason is a strong and independent one. These days, married individuals have lesser dependence on each other. Many a time, it just becomes a personal preference to sleep alone. A marriage with a dual income allows for personalized bedrooms, and some people just like it that way. It allows each person to continue being themselves, and enjoy their room and their sleep in their own way, without interfering with their partner’s preferences.

Some people argue that happily married people can share everything. The fact of the matter is that some people just get along better, if they can go their own separate ways, once in a while. Don’t get me wrong, but seriously it would be good if some things aren’t shared. Don’t agree with me? Well…you don’t share underwear…right!

Happy couples spend plenty of quality time together. Love making and cuddling still take place, even though they might sleep separately. It can be a fun and exciting refresher to the marriage. Quiet, personal reflection time, or just some moments alone can help one appreciate their spouse more.

Giving the relationship an opportunity to start fresh in the morning can be a good thing. Playing the dating game can be romantic. It can be a reminder of the early dates when you ‘visit’ each other’s rooms, or ‘meet’ each other in the living room. Missing each other a little bit, can become an added benefit.

I think it’s possible to enjoy a healthy and happy marriage without sleeping in the same room. After all, we all have to sleep at some point. It’s much more important to enjoy time with your partner when you are both awake, don’t you think?

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