Does Your Ex still have Feelings for You

Love is strange at times! It makes you do crazy things. For instance, falling deeply in love with a person, and then breaking up for unavoidable reasons. That isn’t strange. The strange part comes when you keep thinking about them even after a long gap after your break up. Well, sometimes we tend to complicate things ourselves. We hurt the ones we love, we fight with the one we love, and then ultimately break up only to wish you could undo all the wrong things that happened. Moving on with life is the obvious answer, but what if you want to get back together? Like we said before, love makes you do strange things.

Don’t worry, because we have all at some point, been through this phase. The problem begins when you start wanting to get back to your ex, and revive all the feelings you shared. In some cases, the estranged couple are in touch with each other as ‘friends’ whereas, in many cases, certain break ups lead to bitter feelings. Therefore, many prefer to be away from each other to avoid getting hurt. For that matter, if you wish to reconsider getting back with your ex, would it be a good idea? How would you gauge? Here are some ‘tried and tested’ tips to know if he/she still has a thing for you.

Various Signs That Your Ex Still Loves You

If you are in touch with your ex then it will be easier to gauge his/her feelings. Does your ex call you more than often? Even if you claim to be ‘just friends’, do you feel you spend more time with him/her than you would normally do with a friend? Does he/she find constant ways to keep in touch with you the whole day? It could be through chat, through SMS, or even phone calls. You need to judge the amount you communicate with each other, to know if you have something special in store.

Are you in touch with his/her friends? Do you feel those friends call you a bit too often? It could be that your ex still has a thing for you, and is trying to know more about you. That would itself be an indicator that the feelings you shared haven’t melted away with time. In that case, these friends would prove to be an excellent source to know the truth. It would be a wiser idea to ask directly about the matter rather than wait in hope for something to happen.

Do your meetings with your ex result in flirtation or talks about the time you spent? Any amount of intimacy is a sure sign he/she is still interested in you. However, in this case, it would be a better idea to have a direct talk to avoid getting hurt again. This would help you to know what is going on in his/her mind.

You are the best judge to know and gauge the feelings you share with your ex. After all, with all the time you must have spent together, there would always be certain things you both can convey without really being vocal about it. If you feel your ex does have feelings for you, and you do wish to give the relationship a second chance, you need to talk it out with them. It would be foolish to repeat the same mistake twice; hence you must sort out issues that caused the breakup earlier. Once you have sorted out the issues then you would have a clear picture about the way the relationship is shaping up.

Both of you can work out on the problems faced earlier, and rediscover the beautiful relationship you shared. Have a positive approach to the situation, and you will surely find a way back into your life.

Does My Ex Still Love Me?

Everyone who has been through a breakup, will identify with the sentiments in this Phil Collins’ song. Relationships enrich our lives, and make it worth living. However, a relationship gone bad, can affect you for a long time after it is all over. Parting ways with someone whom you love the most, is one of the most painful situations in life. We’ve all been there, through lonely nights that don’t seem to end, and days that are haunted by the thoughts of your ex. The first few days just seem like torture when you can’t seem to move on.

If you are recovering from a breakup, and if you are simply hoping that your ex gets back with you, it is always better to give yourself, as well as your ex, the time to think about it. If there has been no communication from his/her side, and he/she seems to be doing just fine post the breakup, it means that you need to move on. However, don’t be too hard on yourself; take your time to get rid of the ghosts of your past. Time heals everything.

How to Gauge Whether He Still Loves You
If your ex seems to have a difficult time getting over you, and still seems keen to get back together, you need to think about the situation. Sometimes, your ex might just be trying to be nice to help you cope with the breakup, by being friends. Hence, do not read too much into the initial calls and other nice gestures. However, if the behavior continues after a certain period of time, it is time to discuss the issue. In case you are not sure whether your ex wants to get back together, or is simply being sympathetic, there are ways to find out.

Communication: This is an effective method to find out for yourself, instead of trying to interpret signs. It is much safer, as it leaves no chance for misunderstandings. Obviously, you would find it a bit awkward, but do it subtly. Try and ask why he/she still keeps calling you everyday, or still wants to meet over the weekend.

Signs of Regret: There are some signs which are clear indications that your ex is still in love with you. If your ex seems to be apologetic about the whole thing, and keeps on telling how he/she has committed a huge mistake by breaking up with you, there is a stark possibility that he/she is hung up on you.

Attempts To Meet: If you find that your ex keeps on making plans to meet you, and keeps on calling you like old times, he/she might be contemplating the thought of getting back together.

How To Handle Yourself in Such Situations
If you have ended the relationship and don’t want to be with your ex, you should always try to make things easier for him/her. Constant calling and meeting up, or even talking about the other people you’ve already started seeing, is plain rude. Always treat a person in a way that you would want yourself to be treated.

After a breakup, very often people feel insecure, and obviously want to enter that secure blanket that relationships provide. At times, these people tend to ignore the reasons which once seemed big enough to call it off. Think of these reasons before considering the idea of getting back with your ex. If your ex seems to be in love with you, and wants to get back together, it is always better to give each other some space for a while, until you get over the initial days of solitude. Once you are emotionally stable, you can think rationally about the whole thing, and decide whether you really wish to get back together.

In the end, remember that every relationship is based on mutual trust and respect between two people. It means starting right from the beginning, back to square one. It is not impossible, but it’s not exactly a cakewalk as well. A relationship, once broken, can obviously be mended, but it calls for tremendous efforts to make it work again.