Love Relationships at Work

Bips was a young, vivacious woman with lots of dreams and career goals. She had recently joined a multinational company at an entry-level position, and was really excited about her new job. She had a great workplace, supportive colleagues, and a boss (John) who always encouraged her and appreciated her work. Bips secretly had the hots for her boss, but she didn’t dare speak to anyone about it, lest her boss found out. Little did she know that John hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her ever since she’d first stepped into the office. Well, such things rarely remain a secret for too long, and soon, both of them had begun seeing each other. As the days passed, Bips realized that she was beginning to fall in love with John. One night, however, she noticed a picture of another woman in his wallet. It turned out that the other woman was John’s wife. She questioned him about it and he looked the other way. It dawned on her. Things began to get ugly between them. Soon, word spread among the other co-workers. When the news reached the ears of the company’s CEO, he called them both to his cabin. Twenty minutes later, both were seen clearing their respective desks and drawers.

The above story was one possible scenario regarding the outcome of love relationships at your workplace. However, that does not mean that anyone and everyone who falls in love with someone from their workplace will suffer the same fate. No sir, that is definitely not what I am suggesting. What I am suggesting is that the concept of love relationships in the office is something that is extremely tricky, and one which needs to be given careful thought.

How Safe Are Relationships at Work?
Basically, when it comes to office or workplace romance, there are 2 main possibilities:
A genuine love relationship between two co-workers.
A casual fling or affair between two co-workers.
At the same time, there is another very important factor to consider―whether or not one of the co-workers is single. If you have a scenario wherein one of them is single, but the other is a married person having an extramarital affair, then this is nothing but a recipe for professional disaster. This kind of relationship will only invite trouble, regardless of whether the concerned twosome are genuinely in love with one another, or are having a casual affair. Such relationships are frowned upon at most professional workplaces, and the outcome is never too pleasing for the two people involved. You will only end up ruining your professional reputation, spoiling your professional resume, and hindering your career ambitions.

If however, it happens that both the concerned people are single and are genuinely in love with one another, then the situation is completely different. This type of relationship can, or may, have a positive outcome. Consider a situation wherein you (single) are in a serious relationship with someone else (also single) from your office. Now, if that person happens to be working in a different department, then things shouldn’t be a problem. If you both are serious about each other, and if you both feel that your relationship can grow in the future, or can go ahead in a positive direction, then it’s no one else’s business. This is a perfectly acceptable situation and one against which nobody should have a problem.

However, if you have a situation, wherein, you (single) happen to be in a serious love relationship with someone else (also single) who is either your superior, subordinate, or someone from your department whom you regularly work with, then this situation could lead to a few complications. However, these complications can be dealt with. If you are in a genuine relationship with either your superior or subordinate, and both of you see a positive future for your relationship, then you can consider speaking to someone from the higher management in order to get yourself transferred to a different department. That will solve the problem of awkwardness which otherwise would have existed, should either of you land up in a position where one has to report to the other.

Well, this was a little bit of relationship advice regarding the sensibility of entering into a love relationship at work. Remember, whether it is a fling or genuine love, it always manages to raise a few eyebrows. However, if you both ensure that you follow certain workplace ethics, then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work.

How to Make a Woman Fall in Love With You

For the following article to be of any use to you whatsoever, it is mandatory that you and your love interest meet at least once in person (and NOT in your dreams). This article is based on actual love, and not virtual love. Upon meeting her, it is vital that you know the right questions to ask the girl, in order to get to know her, only after which can you entertain any possible hopes of her falling in love with you.

Those of you who have skipped reading the above disclaimer and have directly landed on this line of text, stop right here. The future of your love life has been decided right here, right now. You will remain SINGLE all your life. Stop wasting time thinking about how to make her fall in love with you. No amount of dating tips will ever be of any help to you whatsoever. You, my friend, will forever remain an Adam sans a Madam. You want to know why? Because you weren’t attentive enough, you missed reading the first paragraph, and in doing so, you violated rule number one!

The Ultimate Guide to Make a Woman Fall for You

Rule #1: Pay attention to details
You CANNOT win the heart of any woman on this planet unless you remain alert and pay attention to detail. You HAVE to be on full systems alert when with a woman ― watch every movement of hers and listen to each and every word she says (And I do sympathize with you because I am yet to meet a woman who is not a chatterbox!). No matter where or at what time of the day (or night) the two of you meet; no matter how tired, sleepy, or hungry you may be, you instantly need to power on your love battery and be on full alert. Look at her, listen to her, and show an interest in what she is saying. Women do not like men who talk, talk, talk, and never listen. Chances of love and romance are directly proportional to your ethical listening abilities. (Ethical listening is nothing but focusing your ears on her vocals and your eyes above her neck). If and when you get a chance to say a few words, choose those which will showcase your intelligence, rather than those which will expose the lack of it.

Rule #2: Be yourself
Please be yourself. This is the universal dating tip for men all over the world. You don’t have to be a Brad Pitt in order to woo your woman. If you’re not exactly tall, dark, and handsome, that’s completely fine. Win her over with your heart, and not with your looks. Remember, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Don’t try to be someone that you’re not. You’ll fall flat on your face and your love story will instantly become history.

Rule #3: Be indispensable
Become indispensable to her. PLEASE NOTE: Follow Rule #1 and read the rest of this rule, or else you may end up becoming her best friend to whom she comes crying after fighting with her boyfriend or fiance. By becoming indispensable, I mean becoming her friend and much more. That ‘much more’ is the difference between being relegated to just a friend and becoming the ‘special one’ whom she loves. There is no universal definition for that ‘much more’, it is something that you need to figure out for yourself. If you can’t, then all the best in being her best brotherly friend for life!

Rule #4: Be an innovative romantic
By this we mean, be romantic in an innovative way. There are plenty of ways (both successful and otherwise) of wooing a woman. Many of them involve doing the same age-old things such as gifting mixed tapes, presenting heart-shaped pendants, writing cheesy poems, etc. Some of them do work, whereas most are perceived to be extremely stereotyped and clichéd by women of the 21st century. So if your girl happens to be a rebel or a fiercely independent woman who is in tune with modern times and thoughts, then writing a silly sonnet on a pink paper sprayed with some run-of-the-mill chloroform-type cologne will only guarantee you a few more months of bachelorhood. Find out what your woman’s interests are, what are her likes and her dislikes, and act accordingly. Don’t take a lady who loves opera to an Avril Lavigne concert! If your Juliet happens to be a typical girl-next-door who has a fancy for all that is pink and mushy, then be a Romeo of the highest order! Gift your princess a couple of Mills & Boons and be her ‘knight in shining armor’. Shower her with a few lovey-dovey, romantic gifts. Make Shakespeare look down from the heavens and weep a tear or two. Show your romantic side in a way that is both creative and equally appealing to your lady love.

Rule #5: Care for her enough
Last but definitely not the least, show that you care for her. This is a very important piece of relationship advice. Show her that you are a genuine fellow who is here to stay and that you are not a fair-weather friend. Be there for her when she needs help. Support your woman through thick and thin. Once again, do NOT go overboard with this. Calling her every ten minutes to check on her will only ensure that you end up spending New Year’s Eve with Steve, instead of Eve.

These five rules are the fundamentals of sowing the seed of love in the heart of your darling dove. Following them religiously (and sensibly!) may make your woman see you in a different light… the light of love, adoration, and romantic companionship. That is the secret of the act of wooing a woman. It may take some time, but you shouldn’t lose hope. After all, if Rome wasn’t built in a day, how can it be any different for romance?