I’d Like a Marriage License, Please?

All you really need to get married these days is ID, a couple witnesses, and maybe a little blood. You can get married in a courtroom, if you want. You go through the simple process of filling out the appropriate paperwork, a couple of weeks, a ceremony, and then it’s all done. You have a license to be married. It certainly isn’t that easy to get your driver’s license (Thank God).

Premarital counseling is a must for Christian marriages, if they want their Pastor to perform the ceremony. I have heard of some cases where the counseling didn’t work out, and the Pastor would advise the couple not to get married, or at least to wait. I’m not sure about Pastor refusing to wed a couple, but I think there have probably been some cases like that. Outside the religious sector, however, how much really is required for a couple to be allowed to marry?

Here is the Problem

There are a lot of emotions involved in relationships. One of them, often times, is impulse. People who just can’t want to get married because they ‘love each other so much,’ are in danger of getting into a commitment that doesn’t work out anywhere near the way they had planned. Infatuation is all too often misconstrued as love, and better judgment is often clouded with heart-struck feelings. Getting married without knowing the good, bad, and ugly is a major no-no, but the system of obtaining a marriage license doesn’t slow things down nearly enough for people to think twice and get a level head about that commitment.

Relationships need to be tested. The film License to Wed with Robin Williams is an incredibly humorous example of what I mean. If there has never been conflict, or a challenging time in a relationship, or a period of time without sex (if you have had it already), then it isn’t possible to have a realistic impression of how your marriage will be. Life has ups and downs. If your relationship has always been on the up and up, or has more downs than you can count, marriage can wait. Forever is a long time, and if you are considering marriage, it is important to be realistic about your relationship.

Feelings are nice, but they hardly pay the rent (or mortgage). What about children? Do you agree on how many to have, if at all? You can fall for anyone, but that doesn’t mean you have the same outlook on life or the same views about what marriage really means. Expectations have to be laid out on the table at least as far as money, sex, and children. A majority of marital disagreements stem from those three subjects, so it is crucial that you know each other’s views well in those areas.

Is there any way to change the system? There are way too many people getting married and then getting divorced. I’ve been trying to think of a way that unnecessary divorce can be prevented.

Maybe people should be required to pass a premarital course that can assess their skills in working together as a team, knowing each other well where it counts, and effective conflict resolution. Another part of the course could be a list of expectations in marriage and how well they understand each other’s expectations. It might also be a good idea to discuss long-term goals and plans to see if they really want to be in the same place down the road.

I don’t know what could work! I’m just saying that if people understood better what marriage is supposed to be like, there would be a much lower divorce rate. I’m saying that some people should slow down and really make sure that they have a solid relationship that has the potential to grow over a lifetime. Or maybe everyone should just find a minister like the one in License to Wed before they tie the knot!

Dating a Married Man

The lure for forbidden fruit is ancient. Some women are simply fascinated by the sinful challenges of life. Dating a married man is one such challenge, that some women may find quite alluring. What is it that attracts women to married men? Why is the urge to steal someone else’s husband so irresistible that even women with sound conscience cannot forgo it? Dating a married person is indeed morally demeaning, but above all, it is an emotional mess, which the woman involved in the relationship is expected to clear. Before giving any relationship advice for women involved in such turbulent affair, it would be enticing to know what attracts women to a married man.

Why do Women Love to Date a Married Man
Falling in love with a married man offers a thrilling and exciting experience for women who are fed up of their humdrum life. This experience is full of challenges and women who love challenges simply grab this opportunity. This also means a safe game for women who are reluctant to commit and expect the same of their partner. Since affair with a married man doesn’t need to be sealed with a ring, these women can have their cake and eat it too. Sometimes, the attraction towards married men stems from childhood trauma, wherein the woman may have experienced a feeling of abandonment. Some women, who may find it unable to get a man of their own, find great pleasure in stealing someone else’s husband. In certain rare cases, a woman may be genuinely in love with a married man, who in turn may also reciprocate her feelings. This is where the real problem lies. If it’s a fling for thrill, then the two parties involved will eventually go their own ways, but if they are genuinely in love with each other, the relationship can be traumatic for them as well as their respective families.

What Happens in Such Relationships
Being in a relationship with a married man is not at all gratifying. You will be left alone more often than you think, as the man has his responsibilities towards his wife and children. He won’t be available on weekends and vacation, as it is essentially a ‘family time’. Moreover, due to the social stigma attached to an extramarital affair, he will be always wary of going out with you for the fear of someone spotting him with you. Even when he is with you, he will be constantly checking his watch as he may not want to go home late and fuel his wife’s suspicions. Thus, it would be almost impossible to relax with such a man. If you are dating a married colleague at work, then you might have to endure your coworkers’ criticism and make several compromises on professional front. Dating a married man means, you will be required to attend the important events in your life, such as your best friend’s wedding or your grandmother’s funeral, on your own. Eventually, you will feel the need for a partner who will stand by you through thick and thin. Apart from this, you may constantly find yourself confronted with your own conscience. No matter how well you may justify your affair with a married man, the guilt factor will always be there. So our advice would be to avoid such situations that might make your life a lot more complicated.

What is the Future of Such Relationships
To be very honest, there is no future when you are dating a married person. However, if you are seeing a married man who is separated from his wife you may have a chance of starting a life with this man. Yet, the issue of children, if involved and the fact that the man truly loves you or not are crucial in determining whether you would be lucky in this relationship or not. In rest of the cases, the relationship often spells a doom for the woman. In absence of a bright future, the woman is often left alone to cope with her emotional stress. In some cases, there is a slim chance that the man may leave his children and wife and come to you forever. But, even if he does, do you wish to spend your life with a man who cheated upon his wife? If he could do this to his wife, he could as well do it to you. Moreover, you will have to face his innocent children, who may grow up to hate you, for breaking their happy family apart. And lastly, think about his wife, the woman who cared for him, bore his children and stood by him in his crisis. Your man is least likely to leave this woman for you. Hence, sooner or later, you will have to exit his life, and the sooner you do this the better.

Although, dating a married man is not essentially a sin, it is certainly not socially acceptable. It will cost you your reputation in the society and may force your own family to disown you. This is certainly not worth all the trouble and you sure don’t deserve this, especially, when there are worthier candidates out there vying for you!

Ending a Relationship

Ending a relationship can be pretty traumatic for the two people involved. The fact that the relationship ceases to work, in spite of putting your heart and soul in it, is enough a reason to call it quits. However, ending any relationship is never easy, as there are so many emotions to be dealt with – guilt, sorrow, anger, bitterness, fear, jealousy. Dumping someone is as bad as being dumped. In fact, it is more difficult because there is an additional responsibility of breaking the unpleasant news to the person you truly loved and felt closed to. Although, the pain associated with ending your relationship cannot be alleviated completely, you can at least minimize it by ending the relationship gracefully.

Ending a Relationship

Knowing When to End
A relationship does not come to an abrupt end, all of its own. There are signs and hints everywhere, that the things are not working out as expected. Pick up these hints and try talking things out with your partner. Reasoning with your partner can help you understand the cause of the troubled relationship. If it is of temporary consequence, then a little patience on your part can solve the problem. If there is a lingering relationship issue which has no solution or you are in an abusive relationship then there is hardly any point in staying together. Remember, call it quits only when you are absolutely sure that there is no way to save your relationship. Many a time, couples rush into a break-up, only to regret it later.

Do Not Procrastinate
It is a human tendency to procrastinate important decisions in life, in a hope that if you delay, life will correct itself. Unfortunately, this is not how things work in practical life. Everything happens for a reason and you have to instigate the reason. Procrastinating your decision of relationship break up will only postpone the aftermaths, not alleviate them. Most couples stay together longer than they should have been, just because they feel comfortable that way and are too intimidated to step out of their comfort zone. They are extremely unhappy, yet comfortable. However, if two people are not destined to stay together, sooner or later, they’ll have to part ways. And, the sooner it happens, the better.

Gather Your Courage
Coming face to face with your own decision of ending a relationship, in itself, is very intimidating. But this is the time to gather your courage and work out your decision firmly. Make a list of what are your expectations from an ideal relationship and what your partner has to offer in return. The large rift will help you to gather your courage and execute your decision with minimal guilt. Once you gather enough courage and are feeling absolutely confident about your decision, prepare yourself to break the news to the other person.

Do ‘It’ in Person
No matter how scared you are to face the other person and break the unpleasant news to them, you should always do it in person. Frequent tiffs and your changed body language in past few days are bound to give them subtle hints about the end of a relationship, nearing. A simple ‘We need to talk’ will allow them to anticipate what’s coming on. Breaking the news on phone, email or worse, SMS is a strict no-no. Resort to telephone only while ending a long distance relationship. In all other circumstances, meet the person in question and break the news to them as nicely and politely as you can. It is always a good idea to choose a place where you both first met, to indicate that the relationship has come a full circle.

Be Ready to Face the Storm
You can expect the other person to react in the strangest possible way. However, if the other person is equally eager to end the relationship, you’ll have to face little or no retaliation and the things can actually go smoothly. However, if your news has taken your partner by surprise and caught them off-guard, you can expect an avalanche of emotions to take you on. Initially, there will be a lot of screaming, crying, accusing, which will be followed by promises of ‘good behavior’ in future. It is extremely important to maintain your poise at this state, unless you want to create an emotional mess for you to clear later. Always remember, you have seen enough of ‘good behavior’ of the other person and you arrived at this decision as an ultimate resort only. Do not give in to any pleas or requests and do not get cozy with the other person, under all the circumstances. In short, avoid doing anything that will emanate a hope for the other person.

Moving On
This is the toughest and the most painful phase after a break-up. Moving on after a break-up, especially after ending a long term relationship, is definitely traumatic. If your break-up was a mutual decision, then you’ll at least not have to deal with bitter feelings. On the other hand, a bitter break up can drain you emotionally and financially, in some cases. However, it is important that you prepare yourself to start your life afresh and without any strings attached. Try to keep the contact with your ex to bare minimum, if it’s not possible to completely cut it off. And most importantly, do not rush into a new relationship immediately after ending a relationship.

Parting ways with someone you loved and cared is definitely not easy, but sometimes you are better off without that person in your life. It’s not like people who break up, do not care for each other. You can care a lot for a person, love them truly and yet not want to live with them. Loving, perhaps, has little to do with living together and hence, many people who breakup still love each other a lot. There is nothing strange about break-ups these days, as they have become a part of life for the modern youth. In fact, break-ups are the hitches that man encounters in his constant pursuit of true love.

Love Relationships at Work

Bips was a young, vivacious woman with lots of dreams and career goals. She had recently joined a multinational company at an entry-level position, and was really excited about her new job. She had a great workplace, supportive colleagues, and a boss (John) who always encouraged her and appreciated her work. Bips secretly had the hots for her boss, but she didn’t dare speak to anyone about it, lest her boss found out. Little did she know that John hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her ever since she’d first stepped into the office. Well, such things rarely remain a secret for too long, and soon, both of them had begun seeing each other. As the days passed, Bips realized that she was beginning to fall in love with John. One night, however, she noticed a picture of another woman in his wallet. It turned out that the other woman was John’s wife. She questioned him about it and he looked the other way. It dawned on her. Things began to get ugly between them. Soon, word spread among the other co-workers. When the news reached the ears of the company’s CEO, he called them both to his cabin. Twenty minutes later, both were seen clearing their respective desks and drawers.

The above story was one possible scenario regarding the outcome of love relationships at your workplace. However, that does not mean that anyone and everyone who falls in love with someone from their workplace will suffer the same fate. No sir, that is definitely not what I am suggesting. What I am suggesting is that the concept of love relationships in the office is something that is extremely tricky, and one which needs to be given careful thought.

How Safe Are Relationships at Work?
Basically, when it comes to office or workplace romance, there are 2 main possibilities:
A genuine love relationship between two co-workers.
A casual fling or affair between two co-workers.
At the same time, there is another very important factor to consider―whether or not one of the co-workers is single. If you have a scenario wherein one of them is single, but the other is a married person having an extramarital affair, then this is nothing but a recipe for professional disaster. This kind of relationship will only invite trouble, regardless of whether the concerned twosome are genuinely in love with one another, or are having a casual affair. Such relationships are frowned upon at most professional workplaces, and the outcome is never too pleasing for the two people involved. You will only end up ruining your professional reputation, spoiling your professional resume, and hindering your career ambitions.

If however, it happens that both the concerned people are single and are genuinely in love with one another, then the situation is completely different. This type of relationship can, or may, have a positive outcome. Consider a situation wherein you (single) are in a serious relationship with someone else (also single) from your office. Now, if that person happens to be working in a different department, then things shouldn’t be a problem. If you both are serious about each other, and if you both feel that your relationship can grow in the future, or can go ahead in a positive direction, then it’s no one else’s business. This is a perfectly acceptable situation and one against which nobody should have a problem.

However, if you have a situation, wherein, you (single) happen to be in a serious love relationship with someone else (also single) who is either your superior, subordinate, or someone from your department whom you regularly work with, then this situation could lead to a few complications. However, these complications can be dealt with. If you are in a genuine relationship with either your superior or subordinate, and both of you see a positive future for your relationship, then you can consider speaking to someone from the higher management in order to get yourself transferred to a different department. That will solve the problem of awkwardness which otherwise would have existed, should either of you land up in a position where one has to report to the other.

Well, this was a little bit of relationship advice regarding the sensibility of entering into a love relationship at work. Remember, whether it is a fling or genuine love, it always manages to raise a few eyebrows. However, if you both ensure that you follow certain workplace ethics, then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work.

How to Make a Woman Fall in Love With You

For the following article to be of any use to you whatsoever, it is mandatory that you and your love interest meet at least once in person (and NOT in your dreams). This article is based on actual love, and not virtual love. Upon meeting her, it is vital that you know the right questions to ask the girl, in order to get to know her, only after which can you entertain any possible hopes of her falling in love with you.

Those of you who have skipped reading the above disclaimer and have directly landed on this line of text, stop right here. The future of your love life has been decided right here, right now. You will remain SINGLE all your life. Stop wasting time thinking about how to make her fall in love with you. No amount of dating tips will ever be of any help to you whatsoever. You, my friend, will forever remain an Adam sans a Madam. You want to know why? Because you weren’t attentive enough, you missed reading the first paragraph, and in doing so, you violated rule number one!

The Ultimate Guide to Make a Woman Fall for You

Rule #1: Pay attention to details
You CANNOT win the heart of any woman on this planet unless you remain alert and pay attention to detail. You HAVE to be on full systems alert when with a woman ― watch every movement of hers and listen to each and every word she says (And I do sympathize with you because I am yet to meet a woman who is not a chatterbox!). No matter where or at what time of the day (or night) the two of you meet; no matter how tired, sleepy, or hungry you may be, you instantly need to power on your love battery and be on full alert. Look at her, listen to her, and show an interest in what she is saying. Women do not like men who talk, talk, talk, and never listen. Chances of love and romance are directly proportional to your ethical listening abilities. (Ethical listening is nothing but focusing your ears on her vocals and your eyes above her neck). If and when you get a chance to say a few words, choose those which will showcase your intelligence, rather than those which will expose the lack of it.

Rule #2: Be yourself
Please be yourself. This is the universal dating tip for men all over the world. You don’t have to be a Brad Pitt in order to woo your woman. If you’re not exactly tall, dark, and handsome, that’s completely fine. Win her over with your heart, and not with your looks. Remember, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Don’t try to be someone that you’re not. You’ll fall flat on your face and your love story will instantly become history.

Rule #3: Be indispensable
Become indispensable to her. PLEASE NOTE: Follow Rule #1 and read the rest of this rule, or else you may end up becoming her best friend to whom she comes crying after fighting with her boyfriend or fiance. By becoming indispensable, I mean becoming her friend and much more. That ‘much more’ is the difference between being relegated to just a friend and becoming the ‘special one’ whom she loves. There is no universal definition for that ‘much more’, it is something that you need to figure out for yourself. If you can’t, then all the best in being her best brotherly friend for life!

Rule #4: Be an innovative romantic
By this we mean, be romantic in an innovative way. There are plenty of ways (both successful and otherwise) of wooing a woman. Many of them involve doing the same age-old things such as gifting mixed tapes, presenting heart-shaped pendants, writing cheesy poems, etc. Some of them do work, whereas most are perceived to be extremely stereotyped and clichéd by women of the 21st century. So if your girl happens to be a rebel or a fiercely independent woman who is in tune with modern times and thoughts, then writing a silly sonnet on a pink paper sprayed with some run-of-the-mill chloroform-type cologne will only guarantee you a few more months of bachelorhood. Find out what your woman’s interests are, what are her likes and her dislikes, and act accordingly. Don’t take a lady who loves opera to an Avril Lavigne concert! If your Juliet happens to be a typical girl-next-door who has a fancy for all that is pink and mushy, then be a Romeo of the highest order! Gift your princess a couple of Mills & Boons and be her ‘knight in shining armor’. Shower her with a few lovey-dovey, romantic gifts. Make Shakespeare look down from the heavens and weep a tear or two. Show your romantic side in a way that is both creative and equally appealing to your lady love.

Rule #5: Care for her enough
Last but definitely not the least, show that you care for her. This is a very important piece of relationship advice. Show her that you are a genuine fellow who is here to stay and that you are not a fair-weather friend. Be there for her when she needs help. Support your woman through thick and thin. Once again, do NOT go overboard with this. Calling her every ten minutes to check on her will only ensure that you end up spending New Year’s Eve with Steve, instead of Eve.

These five rules are the fundamentals of sowing the seed of love in the heart of your darling dove. Following them religiously (and sensibly!) may make your woman see you in a different light… the light of love, adoration, and romantic companionship. That is the secret of the act of wooing a woman. It may take some time, but you shouldn’t lose hope. After all, if Rome wasn’t built in a day, how can it be any different for romance?

Dating Sites for Seniors

Senior people have a tough time finding a partner, in their advanced age. There are many dating web sites on the Internet, which give an opportunity to the middle-aged, to look for love, online. These sites are great platforms for seniors to come together, meet new people, and find prospective partners.

Best Dating Sites

These sites are some of the best I came across, after my research throughout the Internet.


This is the top recommended site for seniors. It is one of the most frequently visited sites, with 400,000 active users online. It specializes in matching seniors with ages more than fifty and above. However, the site puts no lower age or upper age limit on membership. Other than serving as a portal for senior singles looking for romance, it doubles up as a social networking site, where seniors can also connect with friends and look for companionship.


Placed at number two is ‘AgeMatch’, a paid site, which also has a large and active user community. Along with matching seniors with prospective partners of their age, it specializes in looking for younger partners for older members and vice versa.


Placed at number three is ‘SeniorMatch’, which impresses with its sleek styling and ease of use. It has got detailed search functions and many attractive features. This is also a paid site, which is operated by the people who own AgeMatch.


Placed at number four is ‘PrimeSingles’, a site devoted to finding a match for 50+ singles, which also has no lower age limit for joining. It is unique in the extent to which it lets non-paying members access the site features. Signing up for the site is straightforward and easy. They have a specially designed ‘Ideal Match’ software, which is designed to find a perfect match for you.


‘SilverSingles’ is also one of the best sites, especially designed for seniors. It is run by Spark Networks, which also owns ‘AmericanSingles’, the largest dating site in America. This is also a quality site, which offers excellent customer service.


This site offers senior dating services, along with instant messaging, chat rooms, forums, and detailed profiles of members. It is a well-designed and well-thought out site, offering good customer service. One unique feature, offered by this site, is a video message uploading facility.


FiftyAlready is a site dedicated to serve seniors in UK and Ireland. It is a complete package, with instant messaging, chat rooms, and detailed photo profiles. Compared to the top five sites, this one seems cruder in its interface, but has a wide user base.

There are some free online dating services too. Thanks to such sites, seniors can now meet prospective partners, with similar interests, and make their choice.

Double Date Ideas

Double dating is quite common, especially in high school students, though not limited to teenagers. People like to spend time with their loved ones as well as their friends by going on a double date. It is a good idea if your friend wants to introduce you to his/her new boyfriend or girlfriend. You can really have lots of fun on these dates and try out interesting new things which you have not tried before with your partner, ultimately bringing you both more close. There is no dearth of activities that couples can enjoy together. Let us have a look at some sporty ideas for double dates.

Bonfire is always a popular activity, and if it is a double date, it can be intimate as well. Sing your favorite songs, dance, or have a nice talk. You can also play some interesting games, like dumb charades, making the night more fun. You can try to make it more of a musical night. The guys can play bongo drums while the girls dance or play a romantic tune on the guitar. The moment will be perfect when you play the guitar and your girl sings a romantic number complementing your tune. How about preparing a delicious barbecue with the bonfire set up at a beach? Relaxing with yummy food on a cool starry night under the moonlight could be very romantic. It is really important that you savor time with your partner personally, even though it is a double date. Well, there are many things you can do. Customize your dating plan with some creative ideas, and think of something exciting and innovative which none of you will ever forget.

If you want an exciting as well as romantic date, bowling could be great. Watch your guys admire you while you play. They will definitely love the idea. You can have a competition with the other couple to see who scores more points. You can either play or cheer for your guys, and then see the glow on their faces and the enthusiasm with which they will play. You will find yourself more closer to each other by the end of this date.

Watching a movie together is one of the simplest and best double dates. Go for a movie which everyone would like to watch, or else you might find the others sleeping when you turn your head to say “good movie”. Munch on some yummy cheese popcorn and enjoy the movie together. You can also opt to watch a movie at home, which will be more informal and cozy. Prepare some popcorn and snacks. You can spend a lazy afternoon in this relaxing and fun way.

Dinner at Home
Prepare dinner at home, decide the menu in advance, and do not hesitate to experiment with new dishes. One couple can go shopping for the necessary ingredients and set the table, while the other can prepare the dinner. You can also make it a candlelight dinner. Get some champagne to make it perfect.

Water Park
People wanting to try something adventurous, specially during summer, can go for a water park date. It is real fun to go on the exciting rides with your partner. It is a mixture of romance, excitement, and thrill. You will definitely cherish this date for a lifetime.

There are many tips and etiquette that one needs to follow while going on a date with another couple. Staring at your friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend, no matter how good looking they are, will not only leave a bad impression about you, but can also harm your relationship. You might lose your friend and partner at the same time, or maybe they will never again trust you the way they always did. Thus, it is your responsibility to behave well. Having fun definitely does not mean behaving in any way without thinking.

Do try out the ideas mentioned above, and if possible, come up with some of your own. Take pictures to capture the moments so that you can cherish them later on. Have fun!

Moving On After a Break Up

Breakups are always difficult for the two people involved. Life suddenly becomes darker, and there is a great void to be dealt with. This phase can be pretty traumatic for the couple, especially for the person who did not initiate the breakup. Everyone has their own way of dealing with this kind of situation. Some people may shut themselves away from the world, while others may begin going out and partying like never before. No matter which way you choose, the basic 3-step process of recovering remains the same: mourning, acceptance, and then moving on.

Here are some more tips to help you heal faster.

Do Not Blame
People often resort to playing the blame game after their relationship hits a rock. It is unfair to blame yourself, your partner, or anyone else for that matter. Blaming and pointing fingers won’t really help you to move on, it will rather delay the process. Instead, just think about how whatever happened, happened for a good reason. Do not have bitter feelings for the other person or yourself.

Cry Your Heart Out
The demise of a relationship is no less traumatic than the demise of a person. The very thought that the person you shared so many wonderful moments with will no longer be with you is very depressing. Hence, do not shy away from expressing your genuine feelings. It’s okay to cry out and isolate yourself for a few days, just don’t make it a habit. Call a friend who will understand and can offer you some genuine advice.

Do Not Wait for Him/Her to Return
Do not live in the hope that the person you loved will come back to you. Do not try to re-establish contact with the person in the same hope. Remember that there is no point in ‘being friends’, as that will only make you more hopeful and postpone dealing with the broken relationship. Instead, leave the past behind and start living your life.

Re-acquaint with Friends and Family
When in a relationship, a couple tends to drift away from their circle of family and friends and gets engrossed into a world of their own. So, this is the right time to re-acquaint yourself with those long lost friends and relatives. Go out with them more often and you’ll discover that there are other relations in life which are just as important.

Pamper Yourself
Do not feel sorry for yourself, as that can hamper your self-esteem in the long run. Instead, pamper yourself by doing all the things you longed for while you were in the relationship. Buy some nice clothes, make an appointment at a spa, or take that vacation you so desperately wanted. In short, do all those activities which you wanted to do all those years.

Sort Out the Legal Matters
If there are any legal matters such as shared accommodation, joint bank accounts etc. involved, then sort them out as early as possible. Do not delay these matters, as they may create complications for you in the future and re-open the wounds.

Beware of a New Relationship
Do not rush into a new relationship before you have given yourself enough time to recover from the previous one. It is very easy to fall for the person who offers a shoulder to cry on during your troubled time. This is the mistake most people do and they end up with another wrong person, which eventually results in a fall-out again. Hence, make sure you are emotionally stable to handle another relationship, and only then proceed.

Moving on after the end of a relationship is not easy, but you can do it. If you face your life positively, you’ll emerge a stronger person than you were before.

Tips on Dealing with a Broken Heart

A broken heart brings with it a lot of grief and sadness, where it is perfectly natural for a person to feel devastated. But what one has to remember here is that it is not the end of the world. You need to come to terms with it and bounce back to a normal, with of course adequate time taken to get over the heartache. Unfortunately, while many books tout their claims on being able to offer breakup advice that works, they fail to be of any help to many of us. The key to getting over someone is to remain positive, avoid cynicism in any form, and focus on the things that you can do with your life that will give it new meaning and purpose.

How to Heal a Broken Heart

Put a Stop to Communication
You’re probably used to talking on the phone with your ex, but it is imperative that you sever the ties of communication. Many couples end their relationship by saying, ‘let’s be friends’. However, this does not always work, since old feelings and memories will inevitably crop up. So the best thing to do, is stop calling or taking calls from this person, if you want to get over the pain.

Don’t Dwell on the Past
During this period, you may be filled with conflicting emotions like anger, frustration, sadness, and other upsetting emotions. You’ll also feel the need to analyze every situation to gain a perspective of how things fell apart, dissecting every piece in your head until it drives you insane. Try to learn from your mistakes (if you are unfortunately at fault), but by no means blame yourself for the breakup. Cry if you have to, punch something until you can’t recognize it any longer―but don’t take it out on yourself, whether physically, emotionally, or mentally. Take up a new hobby, make time for the things you never got around to doing, or immerse yourself in a fun activity with family or friends.

Though it is necessary to have some ‘me’ time, this doesn’t mean that you have to remain a recluse for the rest of your life. The best people to help you deal with a broken heart are your friends and family. Talk to them and share your woes; they will surely understand and want to help.

Seek Therapeutic Options
If you lock yourself up at home and brood over what happened, you will never be able to snap out of it. Men and women should indulge in a little shopping to get their minds off their ex-loves. This doesn’t translate into abusing your power of owning a credit card; the bills that follow will just stress you out even more. Book an appointment at a spa and treat yourself to a luxurious full-body massage; you can also try other beauty treatments on the menu. Give yourself time to get over your past love―don’t jump into a relationship just yet; a rebound never did anyone much good.

Experiencing a failed relationship does not mean that life has met its end. Be open to meeting new people and live your life like it should be―with no regrets and hope for a better tomorrow. Every relationship has an important lesson to teach; learn what it teaches you with your head held high.

Why is Communication Important in a Marriage

Distance between two people, whether they are married, friends, or acquaintances, doesn’t happen overnight. There never is just one reason why a couple, who was once madly in love with one another, would create mountains of gaps between one another. When a relationship begins, it can easily thrive on physical attraction and the excitement of being with someone special. As the bond between a couple grows, their attraction quickly changes into the initial stages of love, building a foundation of trust, and wanting to be with one another for a stronger, happier future. When a couple decides to marry, their love for one another takes on a different meaning and sustains itself on trust, honesty, and commitment.

But as the years pass by, with increased amounts of stress and responsibilities that our lives demand, somewhere down the line, being there for one another seems to get lost. Communicating with each other feels like a chore that you would rather skip; whether it is after an argument, over some misunderstandings, or even sharing certain details of your lives. Things seem to change and nothing is the same again. Communication gap doesn’t just happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t take just one incident to make it stare at you right in the face. Gradually, with time and suppressed feelings, a couple can easily fall prey to not communicating, not sharing any part of their hearts and souls with their better halves. We’ve all heard people say, “The key to a happy and successful life is communication”. But why is communication so important for a marriage to work? Can we ever find the answer to this relentless question?

Importance of Communication in a Marriage

How important is it? What can be the effects of not communicating and sharing with your spouse? Do couples actually drift apart without opening up to one another and letting each other know their true selves? Can lack of communication in marriage be crucial enough to break up a family? Why don’t we try to find out the answers to these questions in the rest of the article.

Communication Keeps a Couple Closer than they Think
How can someone know another individual for who they really are? We don’t get premonitions or have the power to read other people’s minds. By sharing our life’s stories and incidents, we can be sure to intimately involve ourselves with someone. Same goes in a marriage. More than just having physical contact, the emotional connection is also important. When we have shared small instances from our lives, no matter what it is (something like wanting to bake cookies at home, going out for a long drive, wishing to paint the walls together), any kind of openness will bring a couple together and make them feel as one. When you know what is going on in your spouse’s mind and heart, you can resolve issues more quickly and effectively.

Assumptions and Misunderstandings won’t Creep In
It is a natural that when your spouse isn’t sharing a particular information with you, our mind tends to wander off and think of the worse. When a couple talks to one another without any inhibitions, they eliminate the negativeness out of their lives and keep misunderstandings at bay. After knowing each others’ likes, dislikes, opinions, beliefs, wants, and desires in life, you two made the decision to see this marriage through. So what is stopping you now? Opening your heart to someone you love should be looked upon as a blessing because you know that there is at least one person in your life who accepts you for who you are. Keeping a verbal gap between you two will only bring in disappointment and insecurity.

Lack of Communication can Lead Towards Infidelity
Let’s look at our question on communication from a different angle. What does not communicating with someone lead to? When your spouse doesn’t share things with you, he/she isn’t sharing his/her life. Keeping things to yourself, avoiding any major conversations or arguments, wanting to be alone rather than spend time together, all these factors play a major role in separating a couple and breaking their bond. This may not be the case with all the couples, but sometimes, not being emotionally connected with your spouse might give you ideas of making this connection with someone else. No matter how much a person can try to stop themselves from taking this path, when the heart isn’t fulfilled with its own needs, it tries to satisfy it elsewhere.

Good Communication Means you Respect your Spouse Enough to be Honest
Many a time, when we don’t wish to talk to our spouse, we tend to make up some stories and end the conversation right then and there. This may work in your favor once or twice, but over the course of time, you might just want to get out of any situation with making up lies. When there is nothing to hide from your spouse, what is the need to bring in false information and ruin your chances of having a beautiful life with someone. Initially, it may seem innocent to keep certain things from your spouse, but this behavior only highlights the fact that you don’t respect your spouse and be honest with him/her. You owe it to him/her to let in on what is going in your life, your mind, and how can you both handle the situations and move forward.

Communication is a Two-way Street with No Red Lights
Talking to someone doesn’t end at you sharing what was on your mind (anger, frustration, news) and go your separate ways. To communicate means being there for one another whenever your spouse needs you and emotionally comforting him/her. Often times, couples feel that sharing means saying what they want and leaving the room. In fact, when you open yourself to your spouse, you also open the possibility of receiving information as well. In a marriage, or life in general, we all look towards being needed, wanted by someone. And when a couple, who is married is there for each other, no problems are tough enough, no arguments are important enough to break them apart.

So I ask you again, “Why is communication an important factor in a marriage”. For a couple, the answer to this question will be different because we all have unique lives, with different issues. How you handle each situation is up to you. And the most important thing is, are you walking the path of life alone, or keeping your promise to be by his/her side forever?